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Tera’s Castle

Following a series of enigmatic happenings, hot Pixen finds herself in a odd castle. In her search, she manages to discover a persn who is the actual owner of the castle named Tera. If you're in doubt as to the reason Tera has brought Pixen here , this explanation is coming soon - she needed a partner to have a sexual experience! This is not the only one of the strange things that we've prepared for youbecause Tera has one small sceret that gets larger as it is needed. Yes, Tera is a futanri and she's going to put that big and strong cock into very good use this evening! Will Pixen be able to take care of the situation and what other surprises there might be? This interactive tale will help you to figure it out. Play now »

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Thsi next game is pretty short and easy but in case you always wanted to know how and in which Samus Aran (yep, from"Metroid" videogame series) spends her vacations then you need to check it anyway! The idea is that even on her vacation Samus will have to deal with aliens. Only this time she is not going to destroy them but allow them to capture and fuck her! This scene is basically what this whole game is about but there will be some inetractive elements that you can use to make it according to your preference. For example you can add or liquidate some clothes elements, change the skin tone, click on Samus' tits to play together etc. Don't leave behind to search the game screen for specail hidden activity points that will add some surprises too. Play now »

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In this game you may see why Mario is having so much problems when researching the dungeons of Bowser's castles ins earch of Princess Peach and the reaction is going to be fairly evident - Bowser retains Princess Peach not in his own dungeon space but in his own chambers when he could fuck this peachy buttocks whenever he desires and for how long he wants! Do not believe us? Then witness this loopedhentai parody! There will not be any gameplay in this you - would be to love Bowser thrusting his fat and hard trouser snake in Princess Peach's booty while she is dressed in nothing but her crown. You will see this scene from duo bvarious angles but still there will be no interactive components. But if you want to have some joy with Princess Peach then go to our website where you will find her starring in a lot of games and cartoons! Play now »

A Night With Angel

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Micro-H Game: Espey!

Hentai game where you will be taking care of a ultra-cute looking wooly girl appears to be motivated by such well-liked anime franchises like"Pokemon" or even"Digimon". Taking attention we imply that feed her or you won't need to train her in this game you'll be assisting her with her needs! The game ha sno story or dialogs and it is quite linear but it will permit you to use fairly amount of sexual actions from first person perspective. The further you will progress thru the game teh more deeds will become avaialble for you to choose from. Once the level pleasure will be crammed you can make this fanatstic pet of yours to get an orgasm while you will find something else to play with her in scene! Game is well drawn and animated. Play now »