Tokes Of Hazard 1

"Tokes Of Hazard" is an erotic paroty predicated on"The Dukes of all Hazzrd" - qiute in demand TV shows through its time and having aficionados now. Among such devotees is Charlie - sexy and horny blonde chick - that ofcourse won't skip a chance to become a star of a more game where she can wear fairly uncovering denim shorts! Game has original narrative which permits to add much more characters and situation to make Charlie experiences on the grounds of Hazzard county much more exciting. And since aplaye ryou will find the opportunty to affect the story by the choice syou will create. Sex scenes are also likely to get some interactive components in but nothing too hardcore - only a clicking minigame. Telling you will just destroy surprises and this game has lots of them for any aficionado of old movies and TV shows for sure! Play now »