Claire: the Exchange Student

This story online is about juicy Claire, a hot lady who is currently studying at a university. Overcoming all the seemingly issues of those years is that the primary goal of this game. Claire having her own place to live in makes it a lot easier and gives her a reason to perform a more difficult task. The biggest of all , in altogether probability, may be Claire the student living abroad in her home. Claire is also a clean-cut head, and her journey could take her in a completely new direction. You will be captivated by the suspense and funny scenes created by 3D imagination. However, you'll also be able to build multiple possibilities that lead you to completely different outcomes. Play now »

Elsa x Anna: Just Let it go!

Elsa and Anna are two main characters from very popular animation"Frozen". And since both of them are pretty hot ladies it was only a matter of time plus they will get their own manga porn parody game. As you've most likely already guessed, this time has arrived! The genre of the game can be explained as visual novel. Here you will be after the story about the realtionship between Elas and Anna and also make few choices at the critical points of the story. It's quite possible your selection will lead those heroines to have some lesbo sex scenes that will incorporate a whole lot of touching, licking, kissing and who knows what else the blonde and sandy-haired princesses have within their dirty minds. Nice graphic style which doesn't replicate the first but nevertheless keeps characters fairly recognizible will enable you to enjoy this very private and titillating story even more. Play now »